Download Latest Mi Flash Tool & User Guideline

This post is very important for you if you are looking for the Xiaomi Mi Flash tool and would like to update any software problem on your Xiaomi smartphone. You can detail about the Official Mi flash tool and Mi Driver here. What is the Mi Flash Tool? How to download the Mi Flash tool? And you can find out more about how to solve which kinds of problems of Xiaomi smartphones using the tool. You can find always the latest version of Mi flash tool here.

What is the Mi Flash Tool?

Mi Flash Tool is a computer application that can solve various software problems of Shaomi smartphone. This tool is especially used to remove user security lock such as password, pattern, pin lock, etc. of Shaomi smartphone. Basically, you have to use the Mi Flash tool to solve any problem with the software of Shaomi mobile phones.

Which kinds of problem are solved by mi flash tool?

The factory of Shaomi smartphone can be easily reset using the Mi Flash tool. Especially you can remove all types of user passwords on your Mi Smartphone. This tool is a very essential tool to flash the official MIUI Fastboot ROM. Using the mi flash tool Flashing the stock MIUI firmware allows users to unbrick their devices and it helps to fix boot loop error easily. This is due to the nature of the flashing stock the fastboot ROM will reset the phone to its factory state.

Here you will find a portable setup file which can only be downloaded and open the software. The advantage of a portable file is that you do not have to install any setup files. Not only do you get the portable version here, but you can also download the latest version with setup files here.

Download Mi flash tool:

Many people ask how to download the Mi flash tool. For them I would say downloading the Flash tool from here is very easy, just click the download button and the file will start downloading.

How to setup the flash tool?

Many people do not know how to set up this flash tool. For their benefit, we have shown step by step guideline how to use this file to solve software problems on your Shaomi smartphone.

The following is a detailed explanation of how to set up the flash tool:

(*) Step-1 First, you have to download the flash tool. If you already have it on your computer you do not need to download.

(*) Step-2 Unzip the file if it is in zip format.

Download Latest Mi Flash Tool & User Guideline
Mi flash tool unzip

(*) Step-3 If you download a portable version of Mi Flash file, you no need to install just open it.

(*) Step-4. If you download the setup file then you have to install the file first.

(*) Step-5. Click the Shaomi icon to open the flash tool will be open.

Download Latest Mi Flash Tool & User Guideline
Flash Tool Open

Follow these lines very carefully:

(*) Step-6. If you want to remove your phone with user lock then select Clean All and Lock this option.

Download Latest Mi Flash Tool & User Guideline
clear all and lock

(*) Step-7. And if you only want to flash, then select clear all this option.

Download Latest Mi Flash Tool & User Guideline
Select clear all

(*) Step-8. Now to boot the device, turn off the phone first and go to fastboot mode by pressing Power and Volume Down (-) at the same time. (You need 5-10 seconds for it.) If you try to go fastboot mode but your mobile doesn’t go to fastboot mode then just power off your mobile, then hold press Volume – button and connect the data cable with your mobile and computer.

(*) Step-9. Now connect the computer to the phone via USB cable(If necessary, download and install the USB Mi driver from here)

(*) Step-10. Click on this refresh button and wait a while.

(*) Step-11. Now if the software detects, upload the Flash file you need.

(*) Step-12. Click the flash button now when the file is fully loaded(Wait until the process is complete)

Successfully disconnect your device from the USB cable by completing the entire process, and happily start using your device again.


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