SPD Upgrade Flash Tool Download Latest Version With Guideline

Download SPD Upgrade Tool with the latest and old versions here fully free and 100% tested. Anybody can download the SPD Flash Tool easily without any error. So this is the right place to download SPD Upgrade Tool for you. You will get a detailed guideline for the SPD Upgrade Tool. 

What is the SPD Upgrade Tool?

SPD Upgrade Tool is an application for computer, which allows you to flash or update pac firmware rom (Flash File) on mobile devices running on Spreadtrum/ Unisoc Chipset.

SPD Flash Tool is very user-friendly and simple to use. All users can download the latest or old version through the direct download links on the download section. Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool is very similar to SP Flash Tool but supports flashing the device with SPD CPU while the SP Flash tool supports mobile devices with MTK CPUs.

Spreadtrum chipsets only compatible with the SPD Upgrade Tool to flash PAC or P5C firmware files. Bin packet load error wide encounters and an upgraded tool version released to correct errors entitled SPD Research Tool. You can write IMEI is needed at the end of the flash and use writes IMEI or read & write tool is recommended.

SPD FLASH TOOL is a portable application:

SPD Upgrade Tool comes as a portable application, which means you don’t need to install it on a computer to use it. Just Download the SPD Upgrade tool with zip file and extract the tool on your computer and open the Upgrade Download .exe file to launch the application.

Why SPD Research Tool is comfortable?

SPD Research Tool is comfortable because this tool is a portable application like SP Flash Tool. SPD flash tool no need to install just download extract and use. This tool will help you to flash spd stock firmware ROM/ recovery, custom recovery ROM, or the root package on Spreadtrum devices. Choose multi-languages on Androids, configure the LCD settings, MCP Type, Read/ Erase/ Write active flash, volume frequency tuning are alternative features. If the android device reports “Bin Packet load error” with the SPD flash tool, try to flash with SPD Research Tool. The research tool replaces the SPD upgrade tool and inbuilt with the same features also officially created by Spreadtrum Communications Inc.

Special Notice That The SPD Research Tool is compatible only with “PAC” firmware ROM. None of “P5C and PAC.5C” firmware types are flashed by the SPD Flash Tool.


What is FRP?

FRP means Factory Reset Protection which is a new security system on all android phones. FRP lock is a mobile phone user security system controlled by Google authority. To put it simply, a security system user stores the information he or she needs through a Google account, and the user can restore that backup to his or her smartphone, which no one other than the real user can access.

The SPD FRP represents Spreadtrum factory reset protection. The FRP system activates automatically on Android 5 Lollipop version to upwards. A Google account is needed for the execution. If someone needs flashing the device without your confirmation, the device will automatically lock due to SPD FRP utility.

Benefits of FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock:

FPR Lock has several benefits for Android smartphone users. FRP Lock provides data security to Android smart real users. Some times the user’s data is deleted from his smartphone or his smartphone is stolen or lost, then the user can retrieve the data using from his Google account.

Download SPD Flash Tool

The latest version of the SPD Upgrade Tool with the old version to flash “.pac” firmware ROM. Download and install the latest version of Spreadtrum (SPD) USB driver is essential. Press volume down, choose Reboot to Bootloader.

  • SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R23.0.0001>> Get-Link<<- Latest
  • SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R19.0.0001>> Get-Link<<

How to  boot the device to the recovery mode mention below:

  • Press volume down, choose Reboot to Bootloader.
    • Now the device will run in Fastboot mode.
    • Connect the device to the SPD FRP running PC using a recommended SPD USB data cable.
    • Enter the respective number displays in the menu and press enter to handle SP FRP.
  • Click here to download the FRP tool.

How to Flash Android device with SPD Upgrade Tool?

Step [01]: First SPD Upgrade Tool  latest version from above links.

Step [02]: This file is a zip file then unzip the downloaded file for the new folder.

Step [03]: Check & update the SPD USB driver for your device. If you do not have the drivers install & update it for the latest version.

Step [04]: Find and Get the ROM/ firmware [.pac] file according to your device.

Step [05]: Run SpreadTrum Upgrade tool. [.exe]

Step [06]: Connect your device, your device needs to be switched off

Step [07]: Ensure that your device battery at the last 50% charge during the presses.

Step [08]: After connecting your device –> Load Pocket and select PAC/PAC5 file for the connected device.

Step [09]: Click/ Select “Start Downloading”

Step [10]: Follow the instruction appears and continue the flashing.

Step [11]: The device will reboot automatically during the flashing.

Step [12]: A successful flashing appears a passed message in green color on the tool.

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